The maximum infection control that Lulu can do

Lulu is in one room at home
School and salon.
To prevent customers and students from being exposed to infectious diseases
We are doing the following:

<What Lulu does>

・About alcohol disinfection
① Disinfect all the places where customers touch
(2) Hand sterilization at the time of entering/leaving the room and before work
③We prepare disposable slippers for each customer.

・About disinfection of substrates and articles
Items such as base materials used for medical aroma
Wipe off all with Miracle ion water or alcohol


・About ventilation
1) Install a circulator to create air flow
② Installation of air purifier-entrance and attendance room
③ Ventilate every hour

・Abolition of towels
Prepare paper towels for towels, toilets, etc.

・3 Avoidance of denseness
Basically, it is a one-on-one course.

・About social distance
Keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters using the table.

・About mask
I will wear a mask during the course.
Masks are changed regularly

·Health management
Conduct daily body temperature measurement
Applying immune stimulating gel

<Thank you for customers and students>

・About preparations
①Please prepare things for personal use such as writing instruments and handkerchiefs
②Please prepare a drink with a lid such as a plastic bottle
③If you have lunch, please prepare for lunch.
④ Be sure to prepare a mask
If you forget it, please let us know so we will hand it over to you

・About physical condition
Please carry out temperature measurement on the morning of the day.
If you feel unwell or have a fever of 37.0 or higher
Please let us know as you can change the schedule

・About alcohol disinfection
① Alcohol disinfection is available immediately after entering the entrance
②Please disinfect before making and each movement

・About toilet
(1) Disinfection of toilet seat
Since there is alcohol in the toilet,
Please use
② After hand washing, wipe your hands with a paper towel
③Please throw the paper towels in the trash can outside the toilet.
④ Please disinfect your hands with alcohol

Thank you

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