[For venue participants] Medical Aroma Festa in Oita@Medical aromatherapy salon Lulu with a nurse

Capacity 15
Entry fee ¥2,500
Recommended for such people Anyone can join.
If you are new to medical aroma,
Those who have not been good at cosmetics
Those who want to be more beautiful
Expected effects Venue / ZOOM simultaneous delivery
・ Learn about medical aroma
・ Medical aroma can be used for home health management
・ Learn about the association's new base material, undiluted solution series
・ Learn how to care for simple skin

Beautiful bare skin with simple care

From April 2020
Do not create a three-csight situation due to the influence of the new corona
At the same time to minimize the number of participants in the venue
We are doing real-time delivery with zoom.

This is an application exclusively for venue participants
Please do not make a mistake.

The theme this time is [Simple care and beautiful bare skin]
The association has announced a series of undiluted cosmetological ingredients, aiming for cleanliness from bare skin.
What kind of beauty ingredients and how to care for them
And if it's easy, I'd be more happy!
Make skin care better for your skin
And let's aim for beautiful skin.

[Place] Oita Seibu Community Center, 3rd floor training room 2

[Date and time] April 22, 2022 (Friday) 10: 30-14: 00

Part 1 10: 30-11: 30
Break 11: 30-13: 00 Break with chairman counseling
Part 2 13: 00-14: 00

★ You can make lavender water during a break or after the second copy.

[Participation fee] 2500 yen
(Including material costs for 1500 yen)
This time, we will make it by putting the cosmetology undiluted solution in lavender water.

[Participant benefits]
① Delivery of the lecture video of the day for a limited time
(Recording may not be possible depending on the communication status of the day, etc. In that case, please note that delivery is not possible)
(2) Distribution of special price order forms for base materials, etc.
③ Participation fee includes 1500 yen worth of material costs
You can make lavender water containing a cosmetological undiluted solution.
It can be created during or after a break.
Other medical aroma items can also be made at a separate material cost.

It was
It was

Date and time 2022/04/22 10:30 ~ 14:00



The application period has ended.

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