Medical Aroma QOL Planner / Health Management Course@Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture / LAKA

Price ¥22,000
Recommended for such people From the first one, each qualification, lecturer, advisor.

Medical Aroma QOL Planner / Health Management Course

QOL planner (health manager) course
★ Lesson: 4 hours and 30 minutes intensive course; 6 hours in general

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From the day I attended, I am a QOL planner (health manager) ♪

★ Location: Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture (we will contact the applicant)
(By train) Get off at Takasaki station on the JR line (we will pick you up if you wish)
Please contact us (by car)

☆ If the conditions are met, we can also provide a business trip course.
Please note that transportation expenses will be charged.

[LESSON $ 1]
・ What is Medical Aroma QOL Planner?

・ About the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association

・ Explanation of medical aroma using constitutional judgment

・ How to make a prescription Western medical prescription
Oriental medical prescription
Psychological prescription

・ Description of lavender
Lavender Angstifolia
Lavender stocus
Lavender Spica

・ What is Medical Aromatherapy?

・ Question: Which essential oil can be used for mosquito repellent?

① How to make spray
も の Do not use and how to use
Antibacterial activity Phenol coefficient

②How to make soft cream

③ How to make harder cream

方 How to make gel cream

⑤How to make water

・ Difference between general aroma and medical aroma

・ How to use medical aroma 1

・ How to use medical aroma 2

・ Some people say that medical aroma is dangerous for cats…
で も Even fragrance is dangerous because essential oil components are absorbed from the nose?

・ The difference between humans and animals

⑥How to make bath oil

方 How to make emulsion

・ About the immune system

・ Basic knowledge of medical aroma
How to choose essential oil
What is essential oil?
特 徴 Features of essential oil
Extraction method of essential oil
Extraction of essential oil
内容 Contents of essential oil
注意 Points to note when using essential oils
精 Essential oils to be careful

・ Difference between modern medicine and aromatherapy テ ラ (Current situation in Japan)
・ Especially diseases that modern medicine is not good at

⑧How to make gel

・ Stress care
・ Body disease level
・ Mental illness level
・ What is basic psychology?
・ What is applied psychology?
・ Antidepressant gel
・ Stabilizer gel
・ Sleep gel

・ If you make over-the-counter medicine with medical aroma

・ Medical aromatherapy recipe
・ 35 kinds of frequently used recipes

★ What to make Lavender cream 3 types
(Consolidation cream / Soft cream / Gel cream) 1 each
Lavender water
Lavender latex
Lavender gel 6 6 in total

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What is medical aroma? That
From the elementary content to psychology, it is a good textbook.
Further use of base materials
Recipes that can be used with confidence from baby to pet
Recipe to make over-the-counter medicine with medical aroma
Many are listed.

If you have this recipe
We can respond to various requests
There is no doubt that you can play an active part in events and classrooms ♪

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[About cancellation]
If you feel inconvenience, please let us know at least 3 days in advance.
・ Two days before ¥ 3,000
・ One day before $ 30%
・ 50% on the day
・ If the venue is a rental space, + rental fee
* If you change the schedule, it will be free once (rent required)

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