[Zoom participation] For yourself ♪ Let's make the ultimate multifunctional foundation@JMAA Sendai Branch Certified School Healing Flower Lanahi

Organizer/Co-organizer NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association Sendai Branch Accredited School Healing Flower Lanahi Tomoko Endo
Capacity 35
Entry fee ¥2,500
Recommended for such people Those who are interested in medical aroma and skin care
Those who are looking for a foundation that is gentle on the skin
As a general rule, it is limited to those in the suburbs of Miyagi prefecture (those who can come to the classroom to make it).
Expected effects You can learn how to make a foundation that has a feeling of use, safety, functionality, and durability that surpasses that of commercial cosmetics.

[Zoom participation] For yourself ♪ Let's make the ultimate multifunctional foundation

* This is the application page for Zoom participation only. If you would like to participate at the venue, please apply from the venue participation page.
Venue participation page → https://jmaa-cloud.com/shop/lanahi/seminar-event/12828

Have you ever been lost because you couldn't find a foundation that suits your skin? Twice
The ultimate cosmetics recommended by pharmacists is to "make something that suits you."
After many years of research by JMAA, the Cp series was finally born to realize that "personal use".

Since it is made by yourself, it is inexpensive while using raw materials that are 10 times more expensive than before. You can freely arrange it according to your skin and taste, and you can make natural makeup and make-up as you like. Moreover,
・ Can be used by people with sensitive skin
・ Makeup does not come off
・ Does not stick to the mask
・ Light make-up
・ No color unevenness
・ SPF50 safe UV that can be used by children
It is a dream foundation that has a feeling of use, safety, functionality, and durability that surpasses that of commercial cosmetics.

This time, we will welcome Dr. Shoichi Yoshida, the chairman of the NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association, to learn about the base material and how to make Cp foundation.

There will be a demonstration of making foundation in the course, so if you already have the base material and tools, you can make it together while watching Zoom. Even if you don't have it, you can make it at a later date using a coupon made by a teacher near you.

Holding guidelines

[Date] November 25, 2021 (Thursday) 13: 00-16: 30

[Venue] Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai (Youth Cultural Center) 3F Egg Hall

[Capacity] 35 people
On the day of the event, please indicate the name of your application and participate with your face.

[Participation fee] 2,500 yen (tax included) with a coupon for 1,500 yen
Advance transfer system
The application will be confirmed by transfer. Please transfer to the designated account within one week after applying.
(Account is listed at the bottom)

The making coupon will be sent by email after the course is over. You can use it at a study session for a teacher near you. If you do not know the instructor near you, please contact the organizer as we will introduce you. The coupon is valid for 3 months from the end date of the course.

① 13: 00-14: 00 Part 1
② 14:00 to 14:30 break
③ 14: 30-15: 30 Part 2
Zoom ends here, only for the following venues
④ 15: 30-16: 30 Making / question time

You can download the text that you should have on the day from here ↓

[Participation benefits]
・ Special order form (You can print it out and fill it out before ordering by fax)
・ Seminar recording (available on Youtube for a limited period of 3 months. Spreading and sharing prohibited)
We will send you an email within two days after the course ends. Recording may not be possible depending on the internet environment, so please consider it as a bonus.
If you cannot print out the coupon or special order form by yourself, please let us know in the remarks column when you apply. I will mail it.

Application, transfer destination, notes, etc.


First-time users need to register as a general user. Registration is free. After registering from "New Registration" at the top right of the page, log in and apply from "Apply for Participation" at the bottom of this page. If you have set up to receive emails, please make sure that you can receive emails from @ jmaa-cloud.com.

★ Registration tips ★
When entering the address, if you are a detached house, please enter "space (blank)" in the "building / room number" field.
If you do not enter anything, you will not be able to proceed.
Also, please use half-width alphanumeric characters for the password.

If you have any questions, please contact us from the following.

If you are an instructor, please log in as a general user.

* If you are a base instructor, please enter "base instructor" in the remarks column. The participation fee will be 1,000 yen (tax included). Benefits & making coupons are not included.

[Transfer destination]

〔Japan Post Bank〕
Account number 02260-2-128270
Name JMAA Medical Aroma Festa Sendai Izumi

(This is a transfer account. If you have an account at Japan Post Bank, wire transfer (transfer between accounts) or Yucho Direct is convenient. If you do not have one, use the blue payment form provided at the post office. You can transfer at the counter & ATM)

From other banks
229 stores for the time being 0128270

The transfer fee will be borne by the participants.
We will replace the receipt with the transfer details.

★ Due to the capacity system, refunds cannot be made due to cancellation after transfer. Please note before applying ★

After confirming the transfer, we will send you the URL and password for Zoom participation about 3 days before the date of the event.

[Organizer / Inquiries]
NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association Sendai Branch Accredited School
Healing Flower Lanahi
Tomoko Endo
From the web https://jmaa-cloud.com/shop/lanahi/inquiry
Email hflanahi@gmail.com

Date and time 2021/11/25 13:00 ~ 15:30


日立システムズホール仙台3F エッグホール

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