Liquid pigment/color lip cream/liquid rouge course@JMAA Sendai Branch Certified School Healing Flower Lanahi

Price ¥2,800
Recommended for such people Anyone
Expected effects ・Learn how to make liquid pigment, color lip balm, and liquid rouge and recipes
・Business instructors who have already taken the "Skin Care & Cosmetics Course" will be able to hold courses on colored lip cream and liquid rouge.

Learn about liquid pigments, color lip cream, and liquid rouge

From Cp Cosmetics “Medical Aroma Beauty Course ② Arranged Recipe Course”,
① Arrangement recipe No. 1 “Color base (liquid pigment)”
② Arranged Recipe No. 12 “Colored Lip Cream”
③ Arrangement Recipe No. 13 “Liquid Rouge”
This is a course that picks up three topics.

You will be able to make color lip balm and liquid rouge that spreads well and is moisturizing. The color does not fade easily, so it will come off when you eat, but you can rest assured that we use safe pigments that will not be absorbed by your body! Recommended for those who prefer natural makeup♪

Moreover, the material cost is 220 yen (4-5g) for each lip balm and 200 yen (2-3g) for each liquid rouge (both tax and container fees excluded)!
The cost performance is so good that you might want to make different colors.

*Business instructors who have taken "Medical Aroma Beauty Course ① Skin Care & Cosmetics Course" will be able to teach colored lip cream and liquid rouge.

*If you don't want to teach or if you think it's enough to make it at a making session, there is no need to learn about liquid pigments, so we recommend a course that only covers colored lipstick and liquid rouge. →

[Lesson time]
About 2 hours to 2 and a half hours

[Tuition fee]
2,800 yen (tax included, material cost and container cost not included)

Participants must prepare their own materials and containers. (Liquid dyes cost 580 to 880 yen each, containers cost 50 to 200 yen each)
We will send you a text in advance, so please print it out yourself and bring it with you on the day of the event along with anything you need to make it. If you don't have it, you can purchase it separately at Ranahi Salon. If you like the container, we will give it to you if you have one available at the salon, but if you are not particular about it, you can use a regular cream container.

*You can just look at it without making it, but there are some things you won't understand unless you actually make it, so we recommend you try it. 
*When applying, please enter your third choice of date and time in the notes section. Ranahi will contact you to arrange the schedule.

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