Self-care instructor training course@Lapiaule

Time 360min.
Price ¥21,600
Recommended for such people Those who consider medical aromatherapy as a job. For those who have already opened salons, etc., and want to incorporate medical aromatherapy into their salon development.
Expected effects Expand your business opportunities with Medical Aromatherapy!

Become an instructor and work with Medical Aromatherapy!

A variety of JMAA-certified instructor training courses are available.

☆ Self-care instructor training course
☆ Self-stress care lecturer training course
☆ Self-care instructor training course for caregivers and caregivers

★ If you pass the exam after taking the course and register as a business with the association, you can hold the above various self-care courses as a job (certificate issuance).
★ Personal lessons are the basis. You can take either 6 hours per day or 3 hours for 2 days.

* Training is accepted at any time. Reservations can be made by phone or email.
☎080-1221-9848 Email:

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