Lesson reception@mina mina medical aroma & handmade soap

Time 120min.
Price ¥0
Recommended for such people Those who have completed the desired lesson from the "Product" category
Expected effects You can make reservations for various courses

How to make a reservation

Please select your desired time zone from the calendar.
(It is a setting of 120 minutes per frame)

Example: In the case of a 4-hour course → Select 2 frames.
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In the case of a one-hour course → Select one frame.
In case of 3 hours course → Please select 2 frames.
* The reservation time will be over, but there is no problem
* The required time is as described in the "Product" category

★ If you would like other dates
We will make adjustments to meet your request as much as possible,
Please feel free to contact us.
E-Mail: 2525minamina@gmail.com

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レンタルスペース イルカルーム

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