Quick soap course@Anton is a small club

Price ¥2,000
Recommended for such people Anyone can participate
Beginners welcome!
Expected effects Learn the great things about handmade soap!
A soap that is comfortable to use and safe to use

low cost!
I no longer use commercial cleansers ^^

What kind of soap?

I want to remove makeup easily, and I want something that is gentle on my skin!
Then this quick soap!

Make it in a short time and use it the next day
I can't get enough of the moist feeling (^_-)-☆ Let's have fun making soap with plenty of glycerin~

Take home 3 pieces of Quick SOAP approx. 60g ♡

What do I need to prepare?

<Important content>
Learning necessary for making soap
What you need to be careful about

<Necessary preparations>
Caustic soda (for those taking the online course)
Rubber/vinyl gloves, goggles, apron, long-sleeved shirt

Please feel free to contact us with any questions

Let's make it together

You can make all CP cosmetics
Choose something you're interested in and try making it!

Foundation (liquid)
eye shadow
Lip balm
powdery pact

I will make it for about 300 to 1,000 yen.
Please comment when applying

Application process

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Please transfer the course fee within 5 days.

You will receive an application completion email

The course date will be discussed in advance.

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