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Real medical aroma email lessons in 8 days

If you search on the net, you will find many words called medical aroma.
There are hundreds of associations that teach aroma.
Even if it says "medical aroma"
The doctor holds an aroma class, so just saying "medical aroma"
Most of the content is an English-style healing aroma.

JMAA's medical aroma can be clearly described as "treatment."

So what's the difference?
How can you say treatment clearly?
What does aroma = essential oil do?

I hope you will know such ordinary questions by email lesson ♪

First day
"What is the difference between aroma and medical aroma?"
the 2nd day
"The quality of essential oils is important because of their medical aroma."
Third day
"How much does medical aroma by base material work?"
Day 4
"It's safe to know this much! How to identify essential oils to be careful"
Day 5
"Differences in lavender"
Day 6
"Actual battle! How to make a recipe from the viewpoint of symptoms"
Day 7
"Practical essential oils & standards for alignment"
Day 8
"What is the future use of medical aroma that suits you?"

The above 8 days lesson (* ^^ *)

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