[JHDSA Japan Handmade Dog Soap Association] Official Beginner Course@[Saitama Board] Fujimino * monstera ohana *

Capacity 3
Entry fee ¥18,700
Recommended for such people Anyone who is full of doggy love can participate.
Expected effects You can learn handmade soap (shampoo) that is nice for your dog's skin and hair.
You can make soap for your dog that shortens shampoo time, does not require rinse, is fluffy, and does not damage the skin.

JHDSA Certified Dock Soap Beginner Course

This course is a dog handmade soap (basic) beginner course certified by the "Japan Handmade Dog Soap Association".

Learn handmade soap (shampoo) that is nice for your dog's skin and hair.

Your dog needs soap for your dog!

Originally, dogs have the power to create a sebum film that protects themselves by producing wonderful sebum. (This is a different structure from humans)
"Wash", "Do not leave extra things on the skin", "Do not disturb" without disturbing the natural balance
You can learn important things by making soap for your dog and shampooing your dog.
And I believe that it can help protect the physical and mental health of dogs and their owners.

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See below from https://www.dogsoap.org/beginner

● A shampoo made with Kodawari's dog soap, which is gentle on the hair and skin, can be customized for each individual, so it is possible to secure fixed customers.
● Since the storage period is one year, there is little loss in product sales.
● Completely additive-free, so it is gentle on the practitioner's hands
● You can freely customize the design and shape to suit your taste.
● Reasonable manufacturing cost and high profitability
● Can be used at various events
● You can also acquire general knowledge of shampoo
● Natural soap is booming, so it has appealing power

Know the goodness of soap from the history of soap.
Handmade soap and commercial soap / Difference between commercial soap and handmade soap
About water
Calculation method of caustic soda
Making bar soap suitable for dogs
How to shampoo with soap

On the day of the training, you can experience making soap using the cold process method and take it home.

After completing the beginner course, you can take the advanced course "Creator Course".

Please see https://www.dogsoap.org/ for JHDSA.

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★ The schedule for the day is
10: 00-11: 45
(11: 45-12: 30 Lunch break)
12: 30-15: 45
It will be.
Meals are prohibited in the Industrial Culture Center due to the new coronavirus.
I think it's a good idea to have a meal at the adjacent "Tonarier" or bring your own meal on the bench.

It is the end time of the day, but it may change depending on the number of people.

★ Advantageous qualification acquisition direct set → Dock soap creator (Aim to become a professional dock soap)

If you want to become a creator from the beginning, you can get a high benefit rate by using a direct flight.
If you want to use it, please apply for the creator course at the same time.
The "qualification acquisition direct set" will be applied automatically.

You can take the course for 62,000 yen + tax ➡ 55,000 yen + tax.

When you apply, please let us know in the remarks column as "qualification acquisition direct set".

Date and time 2021/10/01 10:00 ~ 15:45



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