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Capacity 25
Entry fee ¥3,500
Recommended for such people Membership number B-members like more of the qualified person's will can join us anyone.
Expected effects Learn how to proceed with the final chapter, "Immune and Infectious Diseases" textbook
You will be able to practice immediately.

How to proceed with "Immunity and Infectious Diseases" textbook learned from Chairman Yoshida

Speaking of January, "flu" production
In addition, the season when various infectious diseases prevail in winter ...
Winter semester ends, three semesters begin, children resume group life
Many adults can also return to normal work after the New Year holidays
During the winter vacation, it is time for the "viruses" that have been quiet to start working.

What you need to protect yourself and your family from such infectious diseases
Knowing how "immunity" works and how it works
Know the true nature of "infection"
I think so.

And "medical aroma" can provide care before getting sick.
What should I do with what items?

How do I tell the text "Immune and Infectious Diseases" from the association's free download?
Will be directly lectured by Dr. Shoichi Yoshida, the chairman of the association.

The last 30 minutes will have a question-and-answer session, so if you have any questions or concerns,
Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

People who are not convenient on this day are also safe! !
January 15 in Shinjuku
There is also a story about "immunity and infectious disease" that we learn from Chairman Yoshida!
For more information

Both days
From the free download page of the "Association headquarters" in the cloud
Please download and bring the text "Immune and Infectious Diseases".
* If you can not download it, you can also hand it on the day for 200 yen per copy, so please apply when applying
Please write "I want one copy of text" in the remarks column.
I will hand it on the day.

★ There is a cancellation policy.
Please note that chairperson lectures cannot be refunded for cancellations after payment.
Please transfer the payment to the designated account within 10 days after application.
If you are late, please contact us.
In addition, even before payment, cancellation of 3 days before the day, cancellation of non-contact unpaid, etc.
Please be aware that you may be required to pay a participation fee.

Date and time 2020/01/10 11:00 ~ 13:30


ふじみ野産業文化センター 第2会議室

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