[Oita] Face your worries ♡ Nursing consultation x aroma lesson@to laugh

Time 60min.
Price ¥1,000
Recommended for such people Anyone can participate.
Expected effects ・ Can be made using essential oils and base materials that are not available at home.
・ You can make aroma items while consulting recipes that suit your physical condition.

[Oita] Let's talk and lighten your feelings ♡ Nursing consultation x aroma lesson (60 minutes)

◇ We will listen to your concerns and give you advice within your time.
◇ Let's face the body by incorporating nursing counseling and constitutional judgment as necessary
◇ Children are OK! We also have toys etc. ♪
◇ You can create an aroma craft according to the proposed aroma recipe and take it home.
◇ We will propose an arrangement of aroma recipes according to your constitution.
Lavender cream, heel slippery care
Ultimate beauty gel, stain worries, insect repellent
Diet consultation, autonomic nerve support, etc.

Fees and payment methods

<< Participation fee >> 1000 yen
《Payment method》 Cash, PeyPey

<< About the created aroma craft >>
A separate material cost will be charged for the created aroma craft.

Implementation location


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