QOL planner (health manager) course@to laugh

Time 150min.
Price ¥27,000
Recommended for such people Anyone can take this course
Expected effects Learn how to do home care at home
Find out how to do home care before you get sick
You can learn the basic knowledge of medial aroma and how to use essential oils correctly.
You can do club activities such as "making party" by looking at the recipe in the text.
"First medical aroma" can be held

QOL planner (health manager)

A medical aroma that allows you to make an aroma medicine box using essential oils filled with the power of plants.
It can be taken as home care before getting sick.

Self-care course of Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
This is the most popular course in Japan, where you can enjoy good times.

<< Contents >>
・ Basic knowledge of medical aroma
・ How to choose and use essential oils
・ Approximately 40 types of recipes
・ Practice (creating 6 items)

The certificate after taking the course is "Medial Aroma QOL Planner"
Or choose either "Medial Aroma Health Manager"

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《Number of lessons》
Twice (about 2.5 hours x 2)

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