[Online available] Follow-up lessons for teachers@to laugh

Time 60min.
Price ¥2,200
Recommended for such people Various instructors, health managers (QOL planners)
For those who have taken psychology and advisor courses.
Expected effects ・ You can solve questions and forgotten things after taking the course.
・ You can input again and drop your knowledge.
・ Solving weak points, solving questions and giving advice
・ We will respond according to each person's level

[Online available] Follow-up lessons for teachers

I took a course, but I learned it only once
Things that are often forgotten or questioned-
◇ I got a qualification, but I don't know the activity or how to use it that suits me.
◇ I want to hold a self-care course from now on, but I don't know what to do
◇ I have a lot of questions, but I want to solve them, although it is not enough to take the course again.
◇ I want you to concentrate on what you are not good at and what you do not understand.

<< Contents >>
About the recipe, the content of the text, etc.
We accept anything you would like to discuss.
I will explain using materials as needed.

"Advance preparation"
Please summarize the contents of the question in advance.
Please let us know your question at least 2 days in advance (it is a completely custom-made lesson)

If you have any questions about the text, please ask at the time of application.
Please enter the type of text in the remarks column.

《Lesson time》
60 minutes

《Lesson fee》
(After 2 hours-1000 yen / hour)

◇ Basically one-on-one. Or we will do it with a small number of people.

◇ It is also possible to take classes at ZOOM

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