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Time 330min.
Price ¥22,000
Recommended for such people There is a re-learning system 5,390 yen (tax included) You can make 4 favorite gels. It is free to retake the course, so you can review as many times as you like.
Expected effects You can learn the basics of medical aroma, make a text prescription, and become a self-care lecturer. You can learn prescriptions such as health management, beauty and stress care for yourself and your family. We make 2 kinds of creams, lotion, emulsion and gel issued by the association certified self-therapist instructor qualification. A self-care therapist course certified by the association is available. You can make a prescription supervised by the association. Even beginners can learn.

Let's make a necessary medicine box at home!

Lesson 1
About the association
How to choose the essential oil
What is essential oil
Essential oils and types to watch out for
Precautions when using
About patch tests
Essential oils contain many types of active ingredients
The difference between modern medicine and aromatherapy
Summary of notes
Aroma of treatment and healing
Feel free to enjoy aromas at your own risk

Lesson 2

Lesson 3
Practice as a teacher
How to make cream "Hard and soft"
How to make water
How to make gel
How to make emulsion

Lesson 4
I used a self-care booklet
"Medical aroma self-care 60 minutes hands-on experience course"
How to proceed as a teacher

Implementation location

広島県広島市中区上幟町2-44 カーサ和光803


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