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Time 330min.
Price ¥22,000
Recommended for such people There is a re-learning system 5,390 yen (tax included) You can make 4 favorite gels. It is free to retake the course, so you can review as many times as you like.
Expected effects You can learn the basics of medical aroma, make a text prescription, and teach a self-stress care course. You can learn prescriptions such as stress care and health care beauty for yourself and your family. Association certified self-stress care instructor qualification issued lotion, emulsion, sedative, tonic, sleep gel You can hold an association-certified self-stress care course and make a prescription supervised by the association. Even beginners can learn.

Immediate care for ups and downs

Lesson 1
About Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
What is Medical Aroma Psychology?
What is psychology
Human psychology to animals
By counseling
Basic psychology
Applied psychology
Proposal content
Way of thinking
Body disease level
Mental illness level
Actual usage
Basic knowledge of medical aroma
How to choose the essential oil
What is essential oil
Aromatherapy notes
How to make an original recipe
Impact of online society on the mind
Clinical psychology
Social psychology
Developmental Psychology Ericsson
Cognitive psychology
Perceptual Psychology Geschalt Psychology Psychophysics
Learning psychology
Personality psychology
Medical Aroma Basic Knowledge 2
Essential oils to watch out for
Precautions when using essential oils
Essential oils contain aromatic molecules with many types of action
The difference between modern medicine and aromatherapy
How to make an original recipe
Adjustment disorder
Conventional Depression and Atypical Depression “New Depression”
Neurosis "anxiety disorder"
Social phobia
Panic disorder PTSD
Square fear
Social withdrawal
Burnout syndrome
Physical dysmorphic disorder
Personality disorder
Character formation

Lesson 2
What you need to know about mental illness
Mood disorder depression bipolar disorder
Symptoms of the heart
Physical symptoms
Depression self-check
Various types of depression
Depression trigger
Points of stress care
What is heard in the hospital
Surrounding backup
Anxiety disorder
A mental illness that resembles depression
Bipolar disorder manic depression
Be careful of such symptoms
Message from the parties
Psychosocial treatment
Characteristics of schizophrenia drug
Mental disorder system
Medical Aroma Q&A
Medical aromatherapy recipe
Ultimate beauty gel "anti-aging"
Toner for pets for sensitive skin "For mild atopic dermatitis"
Emulsion Pets for sensitive skin can be used "For mild atopic dermatitis"
Dry skin cream pet can be used "For atopic dermatitis also severe"
Lavender gel pet can be used General skin trouble "Atopic dermatitis
Every time"
Stain removal gel used only at night
Gel for diet cellulite
Menopause gel
Hair growth lotion pets available
Aging smell Water pet can be used
Cold gel Immunity promotion Pet use is possible
Toothache/gingivitis clove oil
Stiff shoulders, low back pain and arthritis
Hay fever nose care
Hay fever immune regulatory pets available materials

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