cp Skin Care & Cosmetics Course (November 23)@Studio smile box

Organizer/Co-organizer StudioSmileBox
Capacity 10
Entry fee ¥10,890
Recommended for such people Anyone!
Expected effects You can make original skin care and cosmetics that match your skin condition and color.

cp Skin Care & Cosmetics Course (November 23)

Create 9 skin care & cosmetics course items * Course fee is free! !!

Make your own cosmetics that have a feeling of use, safety, functionality, and durability that surpass those of commercial cosmetics.
Since I make it myself, I realized a low price even if I made it with high-performance materials!

This course will be a CP (Chemical Progress) series using a new base material.

The medical aroma gel was made considering how to penetrate the skin, but when it comes to cosmetics, how to prevent it from penetrating the skin ... A cosmetic series born from the desire to create something that is as non-irritating as possible. is! !!

The long-awaited foundation is

* Uses diamond cluster pearl (Because the particles are fine, use the reflection of light to make stains and wrinkles less noticeable)

* Smooth and light feel, strong water repellency and water resistance, and good spread on the skin

* A safe base material that can be used by people with sensitive skin and atopy because the powder is surface-treated by special processing.

* Makeup spread is 6 times more than usual!

* You can make a foundation that matches your skin color

* There is little makeup loss, etc. .. ..

Since UV of SPF50 ++++ is also included in the foundation, there is no need to reapply after makeup.

This UV can also be made as a spray, so if you don't make up, you can use just UV (and your body).

Regarding UV, it is an epoch-making base material that can be used by sensitive skin and children without skin irritation, despite the level of SPF50 ++++ (SPF1 is 15 to 20 minutes, so even if it is calculated at least, it is effective for 12 hours).

Safe UV is realized by encapsulating the UV absorber with hydrolyzed silk treatment!

In addition, water-based lotions and emulsions have been stored in the refrigerator for a short period of time, but with the cp series, preservatives can now be added according to the condition of the skin.

If you take this course once, you will be able to create what you need individually from the next time.

cp series

◎ Multifunctional foundation 1,500 yen

◎ Concealer 1,400 yen

◎ Highlight 1,500 yen * If you don't need concealer / highlight, you can change to 3 foundations!

◎ UV spray 800 yen

◎ Toner 1,000 yen

◎ Emulsion 1,200 yen, etc. .. .. All can be created at low cost! !!

On the day of the event, we will also make a base gel cream, face & body cream, and skin care water (with 10 packs).

★ Qualified persons can hold the course by themselves after taking the course. (Attend HOW TO course)

Date and time 2021/11/23 10:00 ~ 16:00

熊本県菊池郡大津町室212-1 2F


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