Instructor's knowledge

Instructor's knowledge

[What is instructor qualification]
Qualify to properly convey knowledge of medical aroma and teach how to make according to text recipes
Get everyone to know the medical aroma that can be used as a treatment instead of a medicine.
Make items correctly in text recipes.
Teach the best use of items.

[Self-care instructor, mom child instructor, self-stress care instructor, nursing and caregiver self-care instructor and QOL planner]
Mini-lectures and workshops using the recipes of each text, and various self-care therapist instructors

[About the recipe]
Recipes supplemented in the course and recipes learned by participating in the president's course
Basically use only for yourself and your home at home.
Each instructor must make it according to the recipe and communicate it responsibly, such as how to use it (make it OK).

The instructor qualification is "to convey knowledge of medical aroma correctly and teach how to make it according to the recipe of the text". Caution: Do not easily diagnose or treat. It's the doctor's territory, so you'll get caught! !
(It is OK to teach "how to treat" using medical aroma)

[Advice on action and pharmacological effects]
For advice on essential oil ingredients and pharmacological effects, please reach out to more than the Advisor of the Association.

[If you ask for advice]
Connect with more than the association's advisor.

[About item sales]
You can't make and sell them, so please make your own.
If you can not make it yourself, please make it to order and pay for the material cost.
* Requests by email from people who have never met are ×. Only when face-to-face or by phone.

[About questions] * Please ask questions as much as possible. You and everyone will study.
As a matter of course, first of all, for your own study, do your own research.
Advisor-level questions, such as pharmacologic effects and effects, will only be answered by those who have taken the advisor. In addition, please ask questions in the text and questions in the course more and more!

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