February 2017 Instructor's knowledge

February 2017 Instructor's knowledge

Trust between students and lecturers = Trust between members

Students are equal

Information is open オ ー プ ン

Be careful about the order in which you communicate things

Hearing is anxious

Instructors who do not ask questions also show anxiety

The most criticized instructors are second-class instructors

Using comparison and letting students judge is top notch

Instructors who read students' feelings are first-rate

Medical aroma is understood by therapists from academic, knowledge and clinical
な い It is not academic that is not understood by many therapists

Instructors who do network business are not instructors.

There is no school that lends classrooms to students.
か ら The business is not going well

Good business recommends third-class sales

It is said that it is good, in the old days, overseas

Network business issues and why members should not
Less product knowledge, just make money
利益 Benefits for yourself when the referral buys or the referrer buys
出来 る I can do it because I do not think about people just for my own benefit
し な い Just connect people without effort, profits do not last, create victims one after another
These teachers and members are not trusted by society.
信 頼 NPO members trust is important

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