Aroma Mask & Salon Aroma GrasseFesta is wonderful.


Ashiya Civic Center 301 full of energy

Yesterday "Medical Aroma Festa Ashiya" finished safely!
I don't want to miss the full story of Mr. Yoshida
I get seriously as I flip forward,
In the booth corner in the second half, new wind from this time was also blown,
Each booth was also successfully completed.
I talked with customers and saw everyone working hard at the booth
Moments of happiness (^ ^)
After the event, guests and students who come to Festa for the first time
"The story of the chairman was really easy to understand and I understood the aroma well."
"I want to make and use various things too!"
"It was really nice to be here today"
"I want to spread this aroma more!"
I received a lot of happy impressions such as.
After all, Chairman Yoshida is amazing! ️
For those who are going to learn medical aroma newly, students who have studied hard until now, everyone is going forward
I also have to work hard for the next ︎


Aroma Mask & Salon Aroma Grasse

Medical aroma for health and beauty that is close to each person ❤️

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