Elementary Basic Lecture@CapriceAnge

Time 90min.
Price ¥0
Recommended for such people Those who are interested in medical aroma
Those who want to utilize it for work
Those who want to study as an academic discipline
Expected effects Learn more about essential oils
You will be able to prescribe it yourself
As a JMAA member, you can run a culture school
You can work as an assistant of the association.

Advisor qualification acquisition course ・ Part 1

[Beginner course basics]
All 4 lessons, 1 lesson time, about 120-150 minutes

* Please consult with us regarding the number of times you will receive it per day.
* You can take the advisor exam if you take the basics and applications of the beginner's course.
If you pass, you will be qualified as an advisor.

The tuition fee is 56000 yen + consumption tax.
A separate material cost of 500 yen (excluding tax) is required for each course.

・ Imauchi Gallery
・ Kokochi Terrier
・ Public hall
・ In addition, it can be adjusted by the student
・ We accept business trips (in that case, please bear the transportation fee and place fee)

[Course content]
☆ 1st: Why plants are effective for humans
What is essential oil? What is aromatherapy?
・ Notes on aromatherapy
History of aromatherapy
・ How to choose essential oils Stimulation of the sense of smell
・ How to use the way of thinking in France and England
・ How to write the essential oil edition
≪Essential oil to study≫
Iran Iran, Lavender Angstifolia, Mandarin, Lemon

☆ 2nd Aroma components and aroma molecules
Common action of aromatic components
・ About batch test
Aroma molecules seen from the coordinate axes
・ About skin application
・ About percutaneous absorption of aromatic molecules
・ Differences in lavender when choosing essential oils for beauty
・ Notes on using essential oils
≪Essential oil to study≫
Peppermint, Cypress, Rosewood, Geranium Egypt

☆ 3rd Aromatherapy is one of the aroma therapy
・ Differences between other phytotherapy and aromatherapy
・ Aroma component content table
What is an infectious disease?
・ Ingredients with anti-infective action and essential oils
≪Essential oil to study≫
Palmarosa, Juniper, Rose, Marjoram

☆ The 4th What is cosmetics?
・ The action of cosmetics on the skin
・ About fatty acids
・ Skin structure
・ Ingredients and essential oils that soothe itching and pain
What is carrier oil?
・ Ingredients and essential oils that are effective for skin care
・ Main component of carrier oil
≪Essential oil to study≫
Ravensara, lemongrass, eucalyptus lemon, tea tree

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