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Time 90min.
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Beginner application course

[Beginner course application]
All 10 frames, 1 frame about 120 to 150 minutes

* Please consult with us regarding the number of times you will receive it per day.
* You can take an applied course after taking the basic basics
* A separate material cost of 500 yen (excluding tax) is required for each course.
* The tuition fee is 154,000 yen + consumption tax.
* You can take the advisor exam after taking 4 basic lessons and 10 advanced beginners.
If you pass, you will be qualified as an advisor (examination fee is not included, tax included 22000 yen)

☆ About the 1st perfumer (1)
・ About the degree of transpiration
・ Home care aromatherapy vs. sesame oil
・ Essential oil that is effective for stiff shoulders
・ Consider an essential oil blend that is effective for swelling, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Wintergreen, Camomile German, Camomile Roman
Cinnamon Cassia

☆ 2nd Essential oil that suits your mental state
・ Essential oil with a relaxing effect
・ Essential oils that are difficult to judge from the coordinate axes
・ Essential oils with a refreshing effect, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Clary Sage, Near Uri CT1, Nerori, Petit Glen

☆ 3rd Chemistry of essential oils Chemical changes in plants
・ About organic chemistry
・ About fatty acids, aromatic acids, and terpenes
-Molecular weight and atomic weight
・ Monoterpene hydrocarbons
≪Essential oil to study≫
Basil, Patchouli, Helichrysum, Eucalyptus Radiata

☆ 4th Oxygen-containing compounds
・ Psychopharmacology of scent
・ Action on autonomic nerves, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Grapefruit, orange bitter, orange sweet, cloves

☆ 5th About the endocrine system
・ About the immune system
・ Stress and immunity
・ Think about a blend of influenza
・ Essential oils that act on the endocrine system and immune system, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Coriander, sandalwood, jasmine, ginger

☆ About the 6th perfumer (2)
・ Essential oils that are often used for perfumes
・ What is allergy?
・ Essential oils that are effective for skin problems
・ Special action of monoterpene alcohol and essential oil
≪Essential oil to study≫
Cedar, sage, rosemary cineole, rosemary camphor

☆ What is the 7th Ablution?
・ Daily rhythm of human body temperature
・ Foot bath, hand bath, sauna bath
・ Awakening bathing
・ Blend that enhances blood circulation and improves sensitivity to cold
・ Partial bath / half-body bath
・ Esters, oxides, special actions and molecules
≪Essential oil to study≫
Thyme gloss, tanacetam, frankincense, oregano

☆ About the 8th aroma treatment
・ Treatment oil blend ratio
・ Precautions for treatment
・ Special actions and molecules of ketones, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Pergamot, Thymol, Akamatsu Europe, Thymes Satureoides

☆ 9th Selection of essential oils that suits your constitution and properties
・ Effect on insomnia
・ Constitution judgment method
・ Effect on stress
・ Classification by electrical properties and polarity of aromatic molecules
≪Essential oil to study≫
Eucalyptus globulus, lavender super, lavender super, star anise

☆ 10th Precautions when handling essential oils
・ How to read and judge the component analysis table, etc.
≪Essential oil to study≫
Lavender Stoekas, Lithosea, Wild Carrot, Eucalyptus Dives

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