◆◆ZOOM participation◆◆Toride Festa (chairman's lecture)@CapriceAnge

Organizer/Co-organizer Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association Ibaraki Section
Capacity 20
Entry fee ¥2,500
Recommended for such people Anyone can join.
Expected effects ``Medical aroma'' that is easy to understand even for first-time users
And the influenza coronavirus and infectious diseases are raging. Learn about infectious diseases correctly again

◆◆ZOOM participation◆◆Toride Festa (chairman's lecture)

It feels like we are finally free from the intense heat, but are you still having a good time?

We would like to inform you about Toride Festa.

This time's theme is
“Medical aroma for first-time users, what is medical aroma?”
"Let's learn about infectious diseases properly again from the president."

Unlike usual, there seems to be an unseasonal flu outbreak going around.
Even though the coronavirus has moved to a Type 5 infectious disease, isn't it still raging?

The parking lot for the fever outpatient clinic at your local clinic is always full!


Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Toride City/Yuai Plaza 3rd floor conference room

◇Part 1 13:00 ~ Approximately 1 hour
“What is medical aroma? ”
What is the difference between medical aroma and aroma on the street? , how do I use it? The chairman will explain this in an easy-to-understand manner.
Even if you took the course once, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can review it ♪^^;

◇Break 14:00 ~ about 30 minutes
For those attending the venue, it is "making time".
This time we will make 20ml of dental paste (with 1 drop of cloves if you wish) or 30ml of Miracle Ion Water antibacterial spray. For those participating in ZOOM, we will inform you of the production date at a later date.

◇Part 2 14:30 ~ Approximately 1 hour
"Let's learn about infectious diseases correctly again"
What is an infectious disease? What is the difference between coronavirus and influenza?
Do you remember what the immune system is? &Can you explain?

*We will set up a consultation time with the chairman as time permits.
 What do you do in times like these that you usually worry about? ...Please consult us.


[Application and Festa details]

 ◇For those participating in zoom◇
 We will send you the URL and passcode for zoom participation by email 2-3 days before the event.

【Entry fee】
 ◇For general participants, 2,500 yen (including preparation fee)

◇For instructors nationwide, the fee is 2000 yen (no preparation required).
If you wish to have it made, it will cost an additional 1500 yen.

◆This time we will make 20ml of dental paste (1 drop of cloves if you like) or 30ml of antibacterial spray.
If you make it with a nearby instructor, it will be an item of your choice worth 1,500 yen.

[About zoom participation]
To confirm your participation, please mute your audio and turn your video on.
If you have no choice but to participate in the video-off, we would appreciate it if you could contact us in advance.
Also, if you are unsure about zoom, please feel free to contact us.
After the festival ends, ZOOM participants will be informed of the production date.
Or we will introduce you to a nearby instructor.
The deadline for making is within 3 months.
Please note that you will not be able to make it after the deadline.

[Application confirmed]
Your application will be confirmed upon payment.
Please transfer the amount to the designated account within one week after applying.
(Please pay for shipping costs yourself)

The payment address will be sent via email when you apply.

This is a course with a limited number of participants.
Please note that we cannot accept refunds for cancellations after payment has been made.
note that. (You can view the lecture content as we will send you a recording URL at a later date)

[Special discount order form available]
 Tickets will be distributed on the day to those attending the event.
Those participating in zoom will receive access information (download URL, password, etc.) via email the next day, so please print it out and place your order by fax.

[Watching the lecture recording]
The day after the festival ends, we will send you a recording URL via email, so you can watch it whenever you like. You can watch it for about 2 weeks, but sharing or spreading it is prohibited.
(Please note that you may not be able to view it due to your internet environment)



Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
Hiroko Taya

Date and time 2023/09/26 13:00 ~ 15:30

The application period has ended.

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