Soap making study session@Haluuum

Time 120min.
Price ¥6,000
Recommended for such people Anyone
Expected effects You can make gentle soaps for your face, hands and body.

Soap making event

[Materials cost] 6000

[Instructor] Kishi Harue (JMAAS Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association Medical Soap Builder Instructor, JHDSA Japan Handmade Dog Soap Association Certified "Dog Soap Creator")

[Course content]
You can make your own soap that is gentle on your skin without adding any unnecessary ingredients. (No essential oils.)

[What you can take home]
Half a bottle of soap B oil

[Why do we want you to use soap?]

The first step in skin care is cleansing.
This is very important skin care.

It is an opportunity to think about anti-aging from cleansing,

Synthetic detergents are strong for people with sensitive skin,
so starting from soap makes a big difference in skin care and the degree of improvement of your skin!

[What to bring]
・Rubber gloves
・An insulated box or bag to take home. (Insulated lunch bags, beer cooler bags, etc.)

- Disposable heating pads

- Goggles to protect your eyes (hay fever goggles are fine)

- Carton of milk (1000ml)

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