Beauty seminar①@Haluuum

Time 90min.
Price ¥10,890
Recommended for such people Anyone
Expected effects Basic cosmetics for medical aroma, new brand "CP" sensitive skin, and cosmetics that can be used by people with atopic dermatitis can be made with only material costs! !! After all, a big bleeding service with no course fee! !!

Beauty seminar①

・ Effect and stimulation
・ About equipment
・ Base material ①
・ Base material ②
・ Base material ③
・ Recommended instructors and base instructors nationwide
・ Difference between aromatherapy and medical aromatherapy
・ Japanese permission: What to put on your skin
・ What you want to use
・ What is fat?
・ Skin absorption
・ Esterification
・ What should not be used and how to use
・ Stressor for everyday skin
・ CP
・ One day skin care
・ Care and resurrection skin care
・ Approach to infectious diseases
・ Approach to allergies
・ Original skin care ①
・ Original skin care ②
・ How to use for one day
・ Cosmetics
・ Characteristics of base material
・ Characteristics of new raw materials
・ Problems and regulations of fluorine compounds
・ Characteristics of purple olopolyether compound
・ Foundation recipe
・ Highlight recipe
・ Concealer recipe
・ Ultraviolet rays
・ Explanation of UV base material
・ UV spray recipe

[What to make]
1, Toner
2, milky lotion
3, base gel cream
4, Face & Body Cream
5, skin care water
6, multifunctional foundation
7. Concealer
8, highlights
9. Safe UV spray

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