First medical aroma@Haluuum

Time 120min.
Price ¥1,000
Recommended for such people ・Medical aroma first person
・Person who wants to make lavender cream
・People who want to know how to use lavender
Expected effects Those who participate for the first time can participate for 1000 yen. (Lavender cream making ingredients included)
In addition, you can make it for the first time at the special price for students (500 yen each for making lavender products). From the second time onwards, the regular charge will be applied.
This is the basic version of medical aroma, so you can feel free to participate.

First Medical Aroma-Making Lavender Cream and Using Other Lavender-

▶ Differences between three types of lavender

▶ Essential oil used in medicine

▶ Mosquito repellent essential oil

▶ What is Medical Aromatherapy?

▶ Use essential oils with clear ingredients

▶ How to make
・Soft cream
・Hard cream
・Gel cream
・Lavender gel

▶ Frequently used self-care recipes
・6 items

▶ Essential oils and base materials often used at home

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