About home medical study session@Haluuum

About home medical study session

Details of the conditions for attending
Purpose of study session
In the corona-stricken society, it is necessary to have knowledge of illness and protect the family from now on.
It will be important.
At home medical study sessions, the instructor in charge gives students monthly
It is to follow and update knowledge using ZOOM etc.

Qualified participants
Members of B or above or students of fantastic courses.
However, one or two general participants are also possible.

Study session participation fee
1 to 2 hours Once a month Cost 2,000 yen

Holding conditions
Home medical study sessions will be held by coordinator students.
The event requires the recommendation of the instructor in charge
Each instructor is recommended as a base instructor for study sessions.
The instructor at the study session holding base reports to the headquarters about the new school every month.

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