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Recommended for such people ・ Person who wants to learn medical aroma
・ Person who wants to take a course even for beginners before becoming an advisor
・ The first one can attend.
・ Counseling rather than making recipes
Basic course of study until we can make prescription
Expected effects lesson1… 8 essential oils and medical aromas
lesson2… 4 kinds of essential oils, the effect of the aromatic component on the components and aromatic molecules
lesson3 ... 4 kinds of oils, aromatic molecules and transdermal absorption, infectious diseases, immune system, bacteria and viruses
lesson4: Formulation concept, carrier oil

Basic course to take applied courses

Advisor Beginner Basics

Course content
No.1 Why plants are effective for humans
What is essential oil? What is aromatherapy?
History of aromatherapy How to choose essential oils Stimulation of smell
How to think in France and Britain: How to write essential oils

Essential oils to study

What to make
Make room colon

2nd Aroma components and molecules
Common effects of fragrance ingredients Batch test
Aroma molecules viewed from the coordinate axis-skin application
Percutaneous Absorption of Aromatic Molecules: Difference in Essential Oil Selection and Lavender for Beauty
Notes on using essential oils

Essential oils to study
Mandarin Lemon Peppermint Cypress

What to make
Make a lotion that fits your current skin

The third aromatherapy is one of phytotherapy
Differences between other phytotherapy and romatherapy Aroma content table
What is infectious disease?

Essential oils to study
Rosewood, Palmarosa, Geranium, Egypt, Juniper

What to make
Make bath oil for infectious diseases at home

About the 4th cosmetics
How cosmetics work on the skin 皮膚 About fatty acids
The structure of the skin-subdivisions and essential oils to soothe itching and pain
What are carrier oils? Effective ingredients and essential oils for skin care
Main component of carrier oil

Essential oils to study
Rose Marjoram Ravensara Lemongrass

What to make
Make the beauty gel you need for your skin

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