[Kawagoe / Musashi Urawa] Health & Beauty Salon OlaOnly a few seats left!


Only a few seats left! Medical Aroma Festa Kawagoe

Held on July 10
"Medical Aroma Festa Saitama in Kawagoe"
It became the remaining seats ♪

It is likely to be full within a month after the reception starts (* ^ ^ *)

This time will be the first morning in Kawagoe ♪
I think that even those with small children can participate without worrying about the pick-up time (^ ^ ♪

Early bird has ended,

There is pair discount ☆

2000 yen for two people (1000 yen per person)

The recipe of the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association is

Basic one person one recipe

Background of disease varies

Where to approach

The base material also changes depending on the skin condition and living environment.

The secret of real medical aroma

Please listen to it ♪

Your home care
I think it will change (* ^^ *)

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[Kawagoe / Musashi Urawa] Health & Beauty Salon Ola

Medical aroma that you can learn in Kawagoe♪

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