Espli LibreAichi is held! Medical aroma body maintenance therapist lecturer lecture


Anyone who makes, paints, or moves can attend!

Good evening.

I am Machiko Hashimoto, a specialist of the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association.

Mika Ide, a medical aroma body maintenance master trainer, will open a course in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture.

A maintenance method that combines medical aroma and simple gymnastics.

Medical aroma and body maintenance therapist lecturer course

Make / paint / move

Very simple and easy!

Pain relief gel + pain improvement / prevention exercises

Diet gel + self-massage + gymnastics

Autonomic nervous stability gel + breathing method, etc.

In addition to medical aroma proposals, you will be able to offer simple gymnastics and self-massage proposals.

Even those who have never exercised are fine.

If you are interested please come ♪

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Lecturer: Body Maintenance Master Trainer: Miwa Ide


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