Kitakyushu Branch Free Zoom Course [Differences in Lavender] @ Learn Mama Cafe@The Santē

Capacity 15
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Recommended for such people Those who want to know the true medical aroma
Expected effects Basic knowledge of medical aroma while staying at home
You can learn for free.

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NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
Understand medical aroma!
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The content is 10 times in total, 1 lesson 30 minutes

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30 minutes for each theme.
A total of 10 mini-courses.
Please apply on your favorite schedule and time.

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You can take classes while you are at home!
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Easy to take with your child ♪

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Correct "knowledge of medical aroma"
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<Mini course content>
Vo1 Difference in lavender
Vo2 Essential oil with insect repellent effect
Vo3 Antibacterial essential oil
Vo4 What essential oil can be used for corona?
Vo5 Why is ethanol useless?
Vo6 Carrier oil is useless
Vo7 Essential oils and herbs are different
Vo8 What is a safe essential oil?
Vo9 Medical Aroma and Immunity
Vo10 Summary

Please download and print from the free course text below.

<How to attend>
Online course (Zoom)
You can participate from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
DL the Zoom app,
Please be sure to turn on the video and participate.

It is strictly prohibited to record, record, or share the state of the course with others.
Please refrain from participating in network business (MLM).

Date and time 2021/01/27 10:00 ~ 10:40

La Santē

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