Medical aroma QOL planner (health manager) course@The Santē

Price ¥25,000
Recommended for such people 方 If you do not want to rely on medicine
お Mothers who want to use safe items for small children
方 Person who wants to use medical aroma for himself and his family
Expected effects After attending, you and your family.
Please tell the surroundings how wonderful the medical aroma is.
(In this course, you will receive a certificate of completion, but you will not be able to act as a lecturer.
It is possible to hold a hands-on event and introduce the association's recipes.
Details will be given during the course. )

About student follow-up
As an NPO, if you can use courses and recipes safely
Activities are not self-responsible, but are backed by the Association.

Mainly, it will be held at your home salon.

* Training fees are exclusive of tax.
* The amount displayed does not include venue fees.

認定 Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association (JMAA) certified
Medical Aroma QOL Planner
(Medical Aroma Health Manager) Course

This course is for many people
Home health care and care using medical aroma
This is a course for enlightenment and dissemination.

For example, care before getting sick
Break away from over-the-counter drug dependence
Basic knowledge and usage of medical aroma
And much more.
What if over-the-counter medicine is made with medical aroma? The theme is
You can also learn 35 different recipes.

Course content
About Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
Difference from general aroma craft
Basic knowledge of medical aroma
How to use medical aroma
Aroma craft procedure
違 い Difference between human and animal
Essential oil extraction method
Notes on using essential oils
Modern medicine and aromatherapy
Physical illness / heart illness etc.

[What to make]
Lavender cream 3 types 1 each
Lavender water
Lavender latex
Lavender gel
6 pieces in total

Course outline

Intensive course: 4.5 hours, General: 6 hours
Certificate of completion (not qualification)
When filling in the certificate
Medical aroma QOL planner
Medical Aroma Health Manager
You can choose either.

After taking the course
Essential oils, base materials and containers
It will be available for purchase at the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association member price.
You will be given a membership number and you can register on the association's website.
Opening aroma circles, hands-on events, workshops, etc.
The recipes learned in the course can be introduced to many people.

Our Medical Aroma
Create aroma crafts for body care, mind care, skin care, etc.
There is a recipe.
This is because several doctors belonging to the association
Examining the essential oils that are effective at low cost, conduct clinical with the recipes created,
Those with an effect of 70% or more
Published as [Recipes of Association].

There is a text from the association, but please bring your own writing utensils.
When registering with the association (There are no membership fees or membership fees.)
Email address required.
Please prepare an address that can be sent and received by smartphone.

The Association prohibits network business.
Please refrain from participating if applicable.

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