CP skin care & cosmetics course@shines

Price ¥15,400
Recommended for such people Anyone
Expected effects You can make your own skin care and cosmetics.

CP skin care & cosmetics course

[CP Skin Care & Cosmetics Course] 4 hours

After ordering the product, please go to your personal page and reserve the date and time for 4 frames (4 hours).
Zoom lessons available for classroom only (1 hour to 1:30) & on-campus creation practice (3 hours)
Note) The estimated training time is 3 to 4 hours. Please note that the time may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Please download the text, print it out, and bring it to class.
If you prepare the text here, there will be an additional charge of ¥500.

*Courses are free of charge, only materials fees are charged.


I have a hard time finding cosmetics that suit me~(..;)
Do you have such worries?

I wish I had a foundation like that! might be possible
Would you like to make cosmetics for yourself?

*Course content
About CP (Chemical Progress) cosmetics
About cosmetics
About your skin
About skin and skin care
About medical aroma

  Total 9 points creation practice
・Milk lotion
・Base cream
   ・face&body cream
・Skin care water
・Multifunctional foundation
・UV spray

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