Lulu Lila Kyoto KitayamaAbout the year-end and New Year holidays


I took care of you this year

It is news about the year-end and New Year holidays of medical aroma classroom.

◆ About this year
E-mail correspondence will be answered within one or two days without a break, but the reservation for the medical aroma course is full, so we will close it.
We only accept "make-up party" as long as time permits, so please consult us individually.
The last group lesson will be "First Medical Aroma" on Saturday, December 21st at Cafe Kyobunsha.

◆ About the new year
The first lesson in January 2020 is a soap class on Wednesday, 8th.
Courses are accepted at any time after Friday 10th.

Please do not hesitate to consult even small things ♪

Please have a good year!


Lulu Lila Kyoto Kitayama

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