Do you have this problem?

Mental and physical fatigue, swelling/cooling, chronic stiff neck and back pain, menopause and poor physical condition, sleeplessness/oversleeping...
Do you have this problem?

Is it due to "disorder of body balance" such as disturbance of posture and hormone balance?
By adjusting that balance, you can also adjust your body!

At our school, we use medical aromatherapy, body work (light exercises), and self-lymphatic care to balance the body from all angles, making it less likely to get tired, injured, swell, and cold.

Why do you recommend "self-care" such as gymnastics instead of manipulative treatment?

There is also a method called "manipulative treatment" to adjust the balance of the body.
Why does our school recommend self-care such as gymnastics?

What is important for health management and health promotion is "how quickly can you be aware of your physical condition in the early stages?"
The "awareness" can develop "awareness" through bodywork and self-lymphatic care.

It is also good to perform "passive" such as manipulative treatment, but since "manipulative treatment" has no elements that change from oneself, it is hard to "notice", and after a while, the physical condition begins to begin... A cycle can be born.

“I really want to change it from the ground up!”…To do that, I need to change my habits. What is best suited to change that habit is bodywork and self-lymphatic care that naturally have the power of "awareness".

The first step in health promotion is to get rid of fatigue

Since "tiredness" hinders "awareness", it is necessary to first heal "tiredness" and then change into a body to be noticed.
Although bodywork and self-lymphatic care alone can heal "tiredness," simultaneous medical aromatherapy enables faster and clearer recovery from fatigue.

Our school has prepared three menus so that you can heal your tiredness and change into a healthy body without incurring unnecessary burden on customers.

First of all, please try from the experience class

Medical aromatherapy, body work, self-lymphatic care... There are experience classes for each, so please feel free to join us.

After 5 years, 10 years from now, we will do our best to help you build a healthy body.

First of all, you will feel better and your family and those around you will...
I sincerely hope that the circle of energy will spread.

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