Free 7/11 (Sun) Lymphatic exercises to eliminate swelling and cold 《you tube live distribution》@MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School

Organizer/Co-organizer MBC school
Capacity 20
Entry fee ¥0
Recommended for such people Women only
Expected effects Fatigue recovery
Health Promotion
Small face self-lymphatic massage experience


Are you tired of air conditioning or online and are you swelling or getting cold?
Let's swell and cool down with light lymphatic exercises.

Loose lymphatic exercises
You can leave it in your everyday clothes.

[Viewing method]
● you tube live distribution
Watch as you watch a video

We will inform you of the viewing URL by the day before the start

● Clothing, etc.
If it's easy to move, you can wear it everyday
Please prepare a chair and a space to lie down (about 2 tatami mats).

How to apply

● First time
"New registration" ⇒ General user registration

Alternatively, tap "New Registration" at the top and bottom of this page

* Items to be prepared at the time of registration
・ E-mail address that can receive PC mail

● Those who have already registered as a general user
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Inquiries to MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School

For online participants

=== Prohibitions ===

● Please refrain from recording.

● Photos and videos during the lesson may be used to promote online lessons.
(We will apply a mosaic etc.)
In addition, it is prohibited to post photos and videos on SNS etc. without the permission of the instructor and participants.

● Spoofing or acts taken by a third party other than the course user
(Family living together, please join us)

● Acts of teaching the delivery URL to a third party or an unspecified number of people

● The act of showing what you learned in the course directly to the public for commercial purposes

Date and time 2021/07/11 10:40 ~ 11:30


The application period has ended.

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