Making cosmetics for fine wrinkles and sagging skin@MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School

Organizer/Co-organizer Medical Aroma MBC School (NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association Fukuoka Branch Officer School)
Capacity 4
Entry fee ¥3,100 ¥3,000
Recommended for such people ・ Those who are interested in making correct aroma cosmetics
・ Those who are interested in cosmetics that are gentle on the skin and are suitable for their skin.
Expected effects Aroma cosmetics item making experience
Medical aroma mini knowledge
effective use



・I didn't know that essential oils have ingredients that are good for beauty.

・Since you don't have to massage, it's easy.

・ It's amazing that you can make it with much cheaper materials than the expensive cosmetics on the market!

・This is the first time that I can do without a carrier oil. I'm glad because I didn't like the stickiness peculiar to oil

・I was not good at ethanol. I am happy to make cosmetics that are gentle on the skin with NO ethanol.

・I was surprised to learn why beeswax is not allowed. I used it without knowing it until now.

Popular number 1 appears! The texture of the skin is smooth and smooth!

"Rejuvenation" from the depths of the skin, which is difficult with commercially available cosmetics.
Literally "ultimate anti-aging" item.
We aim to make the skin moist as a medical aroma that effectively uses essential oils to make the skin beautiful.

[thing to make]
・Anti-aging gel 20ml
・Gel cream 10g
・Lavender water 100ml

The recipe is evidenced by the NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association.
The ingredients have been rigorously checked for safety by the NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association.

* If you wish, you can add beauty essence or create other beauty items (separate creation fee required)
Ex.) Sunscreen, adding serums such as hyaluronic acid and VC derivatives, beauty gels, UV foundations that are resistant to sweat and sebum, moisturizing creams, etc.

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