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Organizer/Co-organizer Medical Aroma MBC School (NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association Fukuoka Branch Officer School)
Capacity 4
Entry fee ¥1,500
Recommended for such people Those interested in medical aroma
women only
*Men are also welcome if they are accompanied by a female family member.

*Please refrain from participating in this course if you are involved in network business.
Expected effects [Contents]

■What can medical aromatherapy do and what kind of things is it useful for?
■Differences between medical aromatherapy and scented aromas
■Creating 10g of aroma cream

*If the dates do not suit you, we also accept inquiries about holding an individual event.
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・There is more than just one type of lavender: some are good for moisturizing, some are good for dieting, some are good for rough skin...
・How to use the cream according to your skin condition. A mysterious lavender cream that can be controlled from moist to light with water.
・Essential oils and plants that are actually familiar to our daily lives
・Aroma without diffuser or massage
・Points to consider when choosing essential oils
・How to avoid using anhydrous ethanol (alcohol) etc.
・How to make creams, gels, etc.
・Introduction of popular recipes (beautiful skin, oral health, health of mind and body)


・I could clearly see the difference from British style aroma. It seems easy to use for family health management at home.

・Before taking the course, I was excited, wondering what kind of aroma it was that wasn't just a scent. I was surprised that you could make your own aromatherapy products as substitutes for cosmetics and medicine. I have sensitive skin, so if I make my own aromatherapy products, I won't have to worry about using commercially available products. It gave me hope.

・I had no idea it could be used for pets. There are no over-the-counter medicines for pets, so if we could create items using aroma instead of over-the-counter medicines, we would be able to take care of our pets more carefully at home.

・I was looking for ways to use aroma for mental care. When it comes to aromatic fragrances, people say they don't like the smell. If it's a medical aroma, it's not used as a scent, so it seems good.

・I provide home care. Elderly parents who can't sleep at night. I use sleeping pills, but as a child, I don't want to use drugs as much as possible. I became interested in medical aroma after hearing about it from a friend. I heard about cases where people reduced or stopped taking medication using aromatherapy, and I thought I'd give it a try.

Have fun experiencing medical aroma!

While making aroma cream, one of the bases of medical aroma
Enjoy a fun medical aroma experience.

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