Lecture Medical Aroma Festa in Fukuoka Building a body that is resistant to illness that can be done at home << Participation in the venue and participation in ZOOM at the same time >>@MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School

Organizer/Co-organizer NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association Fukuoka Branch Officer School MBC School Certified Specialist Miki Takeuchi
Capacity 50
Entry fee ¥2,500
Recommended for such people Anyone
(For those who participate in ZOOM, those who can come to MBC school to make aroma at a later date)
(Mainly those who live in Fukuoka Prefecture)

・ Housewife at home
・ Dad and mom raising children
・ Those who are caring for their family
・ Those who have pets
・ Those who are busy and want to know health management that can be done easily

Those who are looking for corona measures and welfare items for customers and employees
Expected effects ● ZOOM and venue participation
ZOOM participation: You can participate while you are at home.
Participation in the venue: You can listen to it at the distribution venue with a capacity of 5 people (lottery) and perfect measures for the new corona.

● Information on the latest new corona that is not mentioned on TV
● Understand practical and accurate new corona countermeasures (Chinese medicine, utilization of aroma, etc.)
● Understand how to deal with stress such as corona depression
● Understand aroma care that can replace over-the-counter drugs such as allergies and hormone balance care
● Understand home care methods when not enough to go to the hospital
● Understand safe care methods using aroma that can be done at home
● Understand how to change anxiety with peace of mind in the new corona era
● Understand the tips for building a body that is resistant to illness
● Because it is live, there is also a question and answer session!

with Corona life. What should I do to spend my days with peace of mind?

I'm Takeuchi, the director of the MBC School, an officer's school of the Fukuoka Branch of the NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association.

With the advent of the new Corona, our lives have changed dramatically.
Lots of things I don't understand.
Overflowing information.

There are many people who are exhausted both physically and mentally.
Our association (JMAA) keeps up-to-date information on infectious diseases every day and learns appropriate and effective countermeasures.

If you know the latest information you need, it will be easier to take countermeasures, right?

I understand that I do not understand ⇒ Rest assured
Understand practical and effective methods ⇒ So that you can stay calm at home and at work

with Corona Life is not over yet.
That's why, let's calm down and spend our days with "viruses".

This time, we will talk about allergies and hormone balance (menopause, etc.).

Since the mind and body are two wheels, immunity tends to decline if something goes wrong in the mind or body.
Please take this opportunity to learn about home care that you can do yourself or at home from various directions.

-------------------------------------------------- ---

Thursday, October 22
【Part 1】
From 12:00 to 13:00
New corona measures and stress care
From babies and the elderly to pets


[Part 2]
From 14:00 to 15:00
Allergy care and hormonal balance
What is a safe care method that can be done at home?

[Distribution venue participants only]
Lavender cream, lavender water handmade experience corner
Free individual counseling

【Entry fee】
2,500 yen (tax included)
* 1,500 yen is the cost of creating the aroma item "Lavender Cream and Lavender Water".
* If you participate in ZOOM, please come to make items within 3 months after the lecture.

● Special price material order form gift (limited time, participants only)
● Recording gift of the day (It is safe even if you miss it)

・ Venue participation 5 people (lottery)
・ ZOOM participation 45 people

If you would like to participate at the venue
Please write "I would like to participate in the venue" in the application remarks column.
Five people will be selected by lottery (only the winners will be notified directly).

Thank you for taking measures against the new corona.

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[For participating in ZOOM live]

● Please keep the ZOOM app on your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

● We will email you the URL, ID, and PASS after the evening of the previous day.
* Only for those who can confirm the payment of the participation fee


[Material] How to register Zoom (free download) ⇒ https://jmaa-cloud.com/shop/mbcschool/download/1157

[Material] How to register by Zoom terminal (free download) ⇒ https://jmaa-cloud.com/shop/mbcschool/download/1158

ZOOM method explanation site (external site) ⇒ https://zoomy.info/manuals/what_is_zoom/


Requests and promises for [Zoom participation]
● Zoom has a video stop function, but for security reasons, please take the course with "appearance".
The microphone is muted (cancelled during Q & A)

● Please post your name at the time of application (confirm attendance)

● Please pay the internet communication fee (recommended to attend in a wifi environment)

● Please use one person per device.

=== Prohibitions ===

● Please refrain from recording or recording (the organizer will give you a recording at a later date).

● Photos and videos during the lesson may be used to promote online lessons.
(We will apply a mosaic etc.)
In addition, it is prohibited to post photos and videos on SNS etc. without the permission of the instructor and participants.

● Damage to computers, lines, software, etc. caused by computer virus infection, etc.
No obligation to compensate for any damage, physical damage, or any damage caused by Zoom malfunction.
I will not bear any responsibility.

● Acts that harass the instructor or hinder the progress of the course

● Spoofing or acts taken by a third party other than the course user

● The act of teaching the Zoom URL, password, and recorded video URL to a third party or an unspecified number of people.

● Harassment, defamation, intimidation, obscenity, obscene acts

● The act of showing what you learned in the course directly to the public for commercial purposes

How to apply

● Reception deadline Until 12:00 on October 21 (Wednesday) (payment completed)

● First time
"New registration" ⇒ General user registration

Alternatively, tap "New Registration" at the top and bottom of this page.
Click the URL in the auto-reply email to complete the main registration.

* Items to be prepared at the time of registration
・ E-mail address that can receive PC mail

● Those who have already registered as a general user
After logging in as a general user, press the application button at the bottom of this page.
The Login button is located at the top and bottom of this page.

■ Cancellation policy

Due to the capacity system, no refunds will be given in connection with cancellation after the participation fee has been transferred.
Please be aware of this before applying.

■ For base lecturers
If you are a base lecturer, please enter the application remarks column.
"Base teachers and districts"
Please write.

There is no aroma item creation for the instructor at the base.

Inquiries to MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School


Lecturer profile

Chairman of NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association
Director, Japan Research Institute, Limited
Chairman of the Animal Clinical Veterinary Subcommittee of the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association

Medical aromatherapy that has been researched and treated mainly in Europe
Popularized in Japan with Belgian Ph.D. Dominic Bodu
For the purpose of making use of it for one's own health management and treatment
Established an association.

In addition, as a herbal medicine, we partnered with a medical institution.
As one of the alternative medicines in the future
Strive to contribute to society.
In particular, we will continue to study allergic pathology in collaboration with medical institutions.

Practicing medical aromatherapy therapy at a medical institution
"Has the knowledge to have an equal conversation with a doctor"
He has abundant clinical experience in clinical practice of more than 10,000 people for more than 20 years.

While training therapists who "have the knowledge to have conversations with doctors on an equal footing," he gives lectures at universities, vocational schools, hospitals, and other places.

He will also energetically promote and enlighten medical aromatherapy, which is recognized as a medical treatment in France and Belgium, which is different from the "healing" aromatherapy with the British scent that is popular these days.

In 2006, he received the Society Award of the Veterinary Society for his research results on treatment with dog medical aromatherapy of the "Clinical Subcommittee" established with veterinarians.

Clinical efficacy not only for humans but also for pets
I will repeat it in the future.
A leading expert in medical aroma
He is also active in various fields such as media and seminars.

Opened Medical Aromatherapy School.
The school is the NPO Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association.

Date and time 2020/10/22 12:00 ~ 15:00


The application period has ended.

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