Cp skin care & cosmetics course to make the ultimate cosmetics with high-quality materials 《Face-to-face》 3-4 hours, or 2 hours x 2 days@MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School

Price ¥10,890
Recommended for such people ●Anyone
Those who want to know about health management and high-quality skin care that can be done at home
●Skin care and cosmetic gypsy
Those who want to remain beautiful even as they age
●Those who are worried about their skin every season
● I want to make UV cut items that can be used by children
●UV and make-up during sports and dancing
● As one of nursing care support
● Those who are looking for work support items
●Those who consider aromatherapy as one of their jobs

★Those who wish to apply for this course as a group.
The capacity is 3 people.
Expected effects ●You can make high-quality 9 skin care and cosmetic items with safe and secure materials and take them home.
●You can learn about the ingredients of cosmetics, how to use effective skin care, and how to use cosmetics.
● Make high-quality cosmetics on the market with about 1/10 the material cost

・Cosmetics with usability, safety, functionality, and durability that surpass commercial cosmetics
・Does not ruin makeup
・No color unevenness
・Does not stick to mask
・Suitable for seasonal skin
・Safe UV that children can use
・For natural makeup with 6 times the elongation


■If you have a JMAA membership number starting with "B" or "L", you can purchase equipment and hold the course after the course.

■If you are a first-time user and would like to hold this course yourself, you will be required to take a "Medical Aroma Health Manager (QOL Planner)" or an equivalent course.
Please contact us for more information.

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