Medical aroma health manager (QOL planner) 3 hours x 2 days@MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School

Price ¥27,500
Recommended for such people ・Person who wants to increase knowledge of health management at home
・Person who wants to know care using aroma
・Those who are interested in health

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Expected effects ・Understand how home care can be done at home
・Understand home care that you should do to prevent getting sick
・Be able to manage with confidence
・How to care before getting sick
・Deviation from dependence on over-the-counter drugs
・Basic knowledge of medical aroma, correct usage of essential oils, criteria for choosing and purchasing (NG usage), etc.
・Circle activities such as "handmade party" can be done for "how to make by looking at the association's recipes"
・"First medical aroma" can be held

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