Bodywork Individual Session << Online, Face-to-face >> 45 minutes@MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School

Price ¥3,300
Recommended for such people ・ Women
・ Busy
・ Those who want to improve the exercise effect
・ Those who want to take classes at home (first time face-to-face)
・ Those who want to know the exercises they need now
・ Those who are not good at exercising but feel the need for exercising
・ Those who want to participate alone
・ Those who are not good at group lessons
・ I want to know how to deal with chronic pain
Expected effects ・ You can check if it is the right way
・ For a body that eliminates chronic stiff shoulders and back pain and does not recur.
・ Because you can adjust to your own schedule, you can exercise regularly and the continuation rate will increase.
・ You can also talk about things that are difficult to consult in public.
・ Memo writing such as notes is OK (not possible in group lessons)
・ You can do it without worrying about other people (privacy protection)

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