[Self-lymph care course] Lymph neotector << Lecturer training qualification acquisition OK >> 2 hours x 4 days or 4 hours x 2 days@MBC School Fukuoka Branch Officer School

Price ¥81,400
Recommended for such people ・ Health management and long-term care prevention for family members and themselves

・ Sports trainers and fitness instructors
I want to get the customer's exercise effect and diet effect even faster
For aftercare of your training and exercise, and as a health care item to prevent illness and injury
For plus alpha skills
To increase income
For self-care and health management of trainers and instructors

・ Counselor ・ Therapist
As a client's mental care support item
To increase income
For your own health care

・ Models and actors
For health care (prevention of illness and injury)
For keeping a small face with beautiful skin, body line, and diet support items
Expected effects ・ Know how to do the correct self-lymphatic massage
・ Because you will learn the mechanism of lymph, you can give appropriate advice.
・ Self-management and family health management have improved dramatically
・ Because it is useful for skin health, your first impression will be youthful and your liking will increase.
・ Because it is less likely to catch a cold, you can reduce the number of hospital visits.
・ Useful for managing your own health and your family's health at home
・ Can be used as part of preventive care

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