[Saitama / Tokorozawa] Medical aroma class PetipaHeld on September 11! Medical Aroma Festa Saitama in Kawagoe is now recruiting participants!


Held on September 11! Medical Aroma Festa Saitama in Kawagoe is currently recruiting participants.

Following Tokorozawa in spring ...

September 11 (Tue)
[Medical Aroma Festa Saitama in Kawagoe] will be held!

The theme this time is "One for each family: an aroma medicine box."
Now there is no medicine first aid kit in my home!

Medicine box is medical aroma.
I go to the hospital when I really need it, so there is no basic medicine.
The medicine that I got is taken up as prescribed, so it doesn't remain.

I have been using medical aroma for health care and home care for my heart and body for several years.
Became a part of life.

We can use it not only for humans but also for pets without pharmacies.
Pets are also important family members, so I'm happy to use them together.

Let's learn such a genuine medical aroma from the leading person, Chairman Yoshida ♡

Medical Aroma Festa Saitama in Kawagoe
Tuesday, September 11
13: 30-16: 30
Westa Kawagoe 1F Meeting Room
Participation fee: 1500 yen
Pair Discount: 2000 yen for a pair! (Those who can confirm the application and transfer by September 7)

By the way, Kawagoe also has a nursery (paid), so you can listen and participate slowly!
* There are no children's seats at the venue.

Click here to apply.
I'm looking forward to seeing many people ♡

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 * Registration to JMAA Cloud is required

[If you wish to nursery]


[Saitama / Tokorozawa] Medical aroma class Petipa

A healthy way for child-rearing moms not to rely on medicine alone

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