Medical aroma snuggle up OKUWould you like to make GW [Learning Week]?


Isn't it fun GW?

There have been declarations of emergency here and there.

It was also issued in the area where I live, and various schedules
I had to change it.

Even though the Golden Week holidays are just around the corner
I'm not looking forward to it at all ~

I think there are many people like that.

Every year, it's work regardless! Those who say
You will be here.

But wait a minute!

You're not just looking forward to going out, right?

It may be surprisingly fun to enrich your time at home!

Things I couldn't do before, or something new
Try to challenge ♪

Anyway, <useful for the health and beauty of yourself and your family
How about learning what you can use in your daily life? ??

"What kind of aroma is useful for living? 』\

If you think so, there are many free mini-courses and hands-on courses that you can feel free to use.

"want to know more! If you think, there is also a course to deepen.

GW with plenty of time for "learning week" at home
It may be meaningful and fun to do!


Medical aroma snuggle up OKU

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