Save your life! Making insect repellent cream@Must be * ALWAYS

Capacity 5
Entry fee ¥2,000

Save your life! Making insect repellent cream

Annoying in the coming season
It is cream making to avoid mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare also recognizes
It is made using essential oil with insect repellent ingredients.
Commonly used essential oils include
Some have no effect,
I will talk about that.

When making insect repellent cream
No ethanol or purified water is used.

Especially ethanol is dangerous for pets.
The insect repellents we made
Using ethanol causes chemical changes
The insect repellent effect is also lost.

Study hard
From small children to dogs and cats
Cream that can be used together with the family
Why do not you make it?

<Red> Early Bird Award </ Red>
If you apply by Tuesday, July 10
2000 yen → <bold> <red> 1500 yen </ red> </ bold>!
Please apply as soon as possible ♪

<Red> <bold> Basic precautions (when accompanied by a dog) </ bold> </ red>

・ It is necessary to bring proof of vaccination. (Receipts available to show the inoculation history)
・ Please complete the excretion before coming to the museum and wear manner pants.
(Bring your pet sheets and manners bag as well. We will sell one set for those who do not have it.)
・ Please do not leave toilets nearby and do not scatter brushes outside by brushing.
・ Because manure cannot be processed here, please take it home and process it.
・ Dogs are not allowed to harm other dogs.
(Jumping violently, pushing down the opponent, barking, biting aggressively besides the owner, etc.)
・ Please contact us if you haven't a spayer.
・ If something goes wrong, we ask the owners to solve it.
We do not take any responsibility here.

Date and time 2018/07/14 10:00 ~ 11:30



The application period has ended.

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