[Okayama Prefecture] Free lesson ① Differences in lavender@Must be * ALWAYS

Capacity 3
Entry fee ¥0
Recommended for such people ・Persons near Okayama Prefecture
・Person who can participate in holding on weekdays
・Those who have no problems with the online environment
Anyone above can participate.
(You don't have to do it every time. Please join us any time.)
Expected effects Medical aroma gives you the simple knowledge you need.

[Okayama Prefecture] Free lesson ① Differences in lavender

At Pono*ALOHA, we will hold a course online that will teach you a little useful knowledge of medical aroma.

[Recommended for these people]
* What is medical aroma?
* Feel free to get to know the simple contents!
〇 Anyway, I want to study because it is boring!
〇 Those who think that it will be difficult just to get medical

[When I attend this course]
* You can understand the difference from the aroma of scent.
* You can see how to use medical aroma.
〇Understand how to use it for pets.
〇 You can understand why you are using the essential oil properly.
* You will deepen your understanding of the immune system and the new coronavirus. (This is when you take ④ and ⑨.)

Please feel free to join us♪

① Difference in lavender

from next time

② What is the essential oil that is effective against insects?

③ What is the essential oil with strong antibacterial action?

④ What essential oil can be used for the new coronavirus?

⑤ Why shouldn't ethanol be used in medical aromas?

⑥ If carrier oil is used, essential oil will not enter from the barrier zone.

⑦ Essential oils and herbs Water and herbs have different ingredients

⑧ What is safe essential oil?

⑨ Medical aroma and immune system

⑩ Summary of medical aroma

[Time] About 30-40 minutes each time. ⑨ and ⑩ will be extended

【way to participate】
・Please download the text by yourself. (The screen will be shared.)
・Prepare an online environment. The course uses Google Meet.
If you have a Google account, you do not need to download.
Zoom may be used if you do not have an account or if the connection is unstable.
・If you are worried about participating online, we will do a preliminary test.

[Text Download Destination]
Pono*ALOHA Free Download: Please download from the URL below each title.

[About items to introduce]
If you wish, we will come back later to create it.

Date and time 2020/07/13 10:00 ~ 10:45



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