[Face-to-face] Medical aroma beauty course ~Cp skin care & cosmetics making~@Must be * ALWAYS

Price ¥15,400
Recommended for such people First timers are also welcome!
Those who can come to make it
Expected effects You can make skin care items and cosmetics using medical aromas.
This course will be available to B members and above.

Medical aroma beauty course ~Cp skin care & cosmetics making~

Learn more about the cosmetic base material "Cp Cosmetics Series" developed by the Japan Medical Aromatherapy Association, and create 9 items.
This course is 6 hours in total, so the creation will be done face-to-face, but you can also take the online course for explanations of the base materials.
✓Highly functional
✓No need for cleansing
✓Easily removed with soap!
✓You can make basic cosmetics and cosmetics that are gentle on your skin!

Course content and details

◆Course content
・Differences between medical and cosmetics - effects and stimulation
・About JMAA base materials
・Cosmetics with usability, safety, functionality, and sustainability that exceed commercially available cosmetics
・What is Cp in Cp cosmetics?
・Characteristics of the base material
・Characteristics of new raw materials

・How to make liquid foundation
・How to make highlights
・How to make concealer
・How to make stain care lotion
・About UV base material

The above content can be taken online.
You will be asked to come back to create it at a later date.

◆Lesson time
Approximately 3 hours of classroom lecture (online available)
Approximately 3 hours to create
Total 6 hours (with break in the middle)

◆Tuition fee: ¥15,400 (includes 9 material costs)
*If payment is by bank transfer, the payment will be made in advance to Japan Post Bank or PayPay Bank.

◆What to make
・Gel cream for base
・Face & body cream
・Skin care water (includes 10 face packs)
・Multifunctional foundation
・Safe UV spray
More than 9 points

◆What to bring
Text (please download it in advance and bring it with you. Tablet devices are also acceptable)
writing utensils
Apron (safe to have so you don't get dirty with powder or liquid)
Hand towel

◆Text download destination
If you are unable to print, you will be charged a fee.
Reduced version (both sides) ¥1700
Regular version (both sides) ¥3400

About the course

[In case of face-to-face meeting]
Designated location near Shin-Kurashiki Station
Alternatively, we will travel to your home or a rental space in your desired area.
(Please note that travel expenses may be charged depending on the location.)
If 5 or more people gather, transportation fees will be discounted or free. Please contact us.

Free within 20km of instructor's home
If the distance exceeds 20km, it will be calculated at 15 yen/km.
If you live far away, such as outside the prefecture,
If using the expressway, round-trip expressway fee
Round trip from Ibara Railway Ibara Station starting point to the nearest station
We will calculate whichever is cheaper.

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