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Must see shoulder stiffness

In the evening, women who say, "I have loose feet (spicy)" or "I don't want to move because my feet are tired."
Here are some tips.

Let's imagine opening your chest slightly in your usual posture.
The stoop creates leg fatigue. Because the weight of the upper body rides on the feet and the feet have to support the body unnecessarily.

Just a little.
Image of shortening the distance between left and right shoulder blades.

If you do it greedyly, you will bend back and cause back pain
Be careful as it can lead to stiff shoulders.

Yes, open the chest by one millimeter, close the gap between the shoulder blades.

Is that okay.
Don't paraphrase whether you want to push your chest forward or shrink between the shoulder blades.

This "word" is important.

When you think about "push out" and "shrink", you often get extra power.

I will write again
Please focus your attention on the words "open the chest" and "close between the scapulas" for only one millimeter.

Because a little thing changes the body properly ♪
So, is this knack, bust-up effect great?

If you are worried about "Is it done correctly?" Or "Isn't it done the wrong way?" I will check it in my bodywork lesson (Aroma Body Maintenance) so please contact me anytime.

A comfortable day today!

MBC School President Miki Takeuchi


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