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Essential oils and lifestyle

When I looked at the FB, I saw a person with "urticaria" appearing.

Me too
Urticaria of the eyelids 2 weeks ago
One week ago, eczema on the left cheek.

Because your natural skin is not weak
I was a little surprised.

Urticaria is remembered only as a child.

Food is the same as usual. . .

Look back at my life patterns
I can think of

Lack of sleep
Autonomic nervous imbalance (seasonal, climatic impact)

Yeah, I remember! (Lol).

It is best to spend time slowly in such a case.

But it's a chance to try medical aromatherapy care in such a trouble! What.

(Recently, everything that happens around us seems like a chance

Lavender gel perfect for skin problems (made with lavender angstifolia essential oil).
Add the essential oil of basil to this
Customize your own urticaria gel.
(* I got advice from my senior aroma teacher)

Try it before going to bed ...
It disappeared shortly after noon the next day.

If I stay up late the next day
Well, urticaria appeared on the opposite eyelid.

But it was perfect if I applied the special lavender and basil gel.

It is perfect for the next cheek eczema that appeared next ♪


This time, I felt the overlap between lack of sleep and fatigue, as well as age (laughs).

In fact, it's also stressful when you move around because it's fun.
Isn't there a lot of people who are doing this?

Let's catch the signal from the body.

Thanks again for Medical Aroma Gel.


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